Google Pay Chennai Event 2020 Answers|Nov 16th to 18th Nov

Google Pay Chennai Event Answers

Which of the following is a popular dish in Chennai?

Answer : All of them

2. Jangiri, Appam & rava Kesari are all examples of

Answer : Sweet Dishes

3. Which of the following is not a railway station in Chennai?

Answer : Chennai Cantt.

4. Which UNESCO world Heritage site is located near Chennai?

Answer : Mounuments at Mahabalipuram

5. Your shop for a saree at your favcorite store by scanning the QR code on the counter. You need to call Google Pay Customer care for transaction’s details. Ho will you find the customer care?

Answer : Go to help inside Google Pay App

6. Which type of saree would you be buying from tamil nadu ?

Answer : Kanjivaram Saree

7. Chennai film industry ?

Answer : Kollywood

8. Not a popular drink of chennai ?

Answer : Apo

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